Friday, April 25, 2008

Faculty discussion of Monday Night Events and Advisors

Here are my notes from the MLIS department meeting where we discussed Monday Night Events and Mid-point Advising:

MLIS Department Meeting Minutes
April 7, 2008

Monday Night discussion
• The faculty discussed the survey on Monday night events; lots of feedback was received even though events have been sparsely attended.
• Thoughts for improving the events include having fewer, but more elaborate events or offering a one-credit course that would meet on four consecutive Mondays.
• Marilyn Cathcart, David Lesniaski, and Joyce Yukawa have formed a committee to plan for next year and invite a student to join them. Those who want to serve or have any ideas or suggestions should contact Marilyn.
• The possibility of pod-casts was discussed because that was something people showed interest in on the survey. However, it was determined that pod-casts might be a disincentive for people to physically show up to the events, resulting in even fewer people and the potential for more presenters than attendees. There is also a question of copyright when taping people’s presentations.
• Tanya has the stats from survey responses if you are interested in seeing details.
Mid-point advising
• The faculty has established a mandatory mid-point advisory meeting (@15-18 credits) for students in the program.
• Registration holds will be used to insure compliance with the requirement. The mid-term advisory meeting will also allow for a change of advisor if necessary.

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