Sunday, November 15, 2009

SGO Minutes from Oct. 12th, 2009

MLIS Student Governance Organization
October 12, 2009 – 5:30-6:30pm – CdC 005
Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Leslie Hunter-Larson, Tanya Cothran, Becky Arenivar, Heather Lewis, Michael Mitchell, Laura Clark

1. What is SGO? Student Governance at St Kate’s.
a. We are one of 8 grad programs at St Kates. Together we all make up the
Graduate Student Advisory Board - GSAB (also called GradBoard). We send a
rep to the monthly meetings to get updates from other programs and approve
funding. (See GSAB Meeting Minutes attached to email.)
b. SGO has funds in our account from student activities fees. Just this month
we finally were able to get a separate account number for our funds (it used
to all be held in a joint account with all other grad programs).
c. SGO represents the 200+ students in the MLIS program. In addition to serving
on committees we also make informational presentations at the MLIS
orientation and in the 7010 classes.
i. This year we may want to consider presenting to the Management class to
recruit students who have finished their first year of classes and may be
more ready to get involved with student governance.

2. Budget Report
a. Current balance: $27,415 (This total includes money from many years where
the College was collecting fees and there was not a mechanism for spending
b. We receive about $4,500 each year from the Student Activities fee (based on
the number of students in our program). Part of the SA fee also goes to a
GSAB General Fund and to a facilities fee for SCU.
c. Last year we used $4,331 in grants to students to attend conferences and
department functions (such as the All Student Gathering and the Graduate
d. The Finance Committee approves funds requests that come in to SGO. Typically
we fund department functions aimed at students, $200 for conference travel
(more if student is presenting), other large events (i.e. speaker series)

3. Committee Sign-up
a. Thank you for signing up for committees! (See Committee Roster attached to
b. We still need to recruit a few more people to fill open committee seats.
c. Open are:
i. Curriculum Sub-Committee
ii. SGO Finance Committee
iii. Elections and Public Relations Committee

4. Upcoming Events
a. Social Hour @ MLA
i. This was a great success! We had 25 students and St Kates alums attend
b. Andras Riedlmayer on “Art Documentation and War Crimes: Librarianship in the
Aftermath of War” – Saturday, Oct 24th, 2-4pm @ Jeanne d’Arc Auditorium
i. We are all set for the presentation tomorrow!
ii. We have invited librarians in the field, MLIS students and all St Kate’s
iii. Hopefully this will be just the beginning of a yearly MLIS SGO Speaker

Respectfully submitted by Tanya Cothran. October 23, 2009

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