Wednesday, December 2, 2009

MLA SGO Social Hour!

This October SGO hosted a social hour at the Minnesota Library Association meeting in St Cloud, MN. We had over 20 students, St Kate's alums, and friends attend the gathering in the Raddison Hotel!

The social hour was a fun time to informally meet and network with fellow students and librarians who are working in libraries all around the state. Plus we had some yummy appetizers for all... Here I (Tanya Cothran) am with Leslie Hunter-Larson (on the left) enjoying the onion rings!

The Minnesota Library Association has a great student rate and so it is really inexpensive to join and get access to lots of great networking opportunities. I really enjoyed meeting practicing librarians at the MLA Conference this year. It was reassuring and interesting to hear about the huge range of jobs and positions each librarian had held during their career. It means I don't have to worry too much about finding a job now that I am going to have forever! Anyway, everyone was really friendly and happy to talk with a soon-to-be graduate about their library experiences and I would highly encourage other students to attend the MLA conference next October.

Here are more pictures of librarians chatting and eating...

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