Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Meeting Minutes: March 9, 2010

MLIS SGO Meeting, March 9, 2010
Members Present: Leslie Hunter-Larson, Heather Lewis, Andrew Crow, Michael Mitchell, and Faculty Advisor Deb Torres

1. Committee Updates
Faculty Meeting Committee: Michael updated the group on the department meeting from February, which featured special guests Karen O'Brien and June Lester, both of whom took questions from faculty and staff regarding the Committee on Accreditation

2. SGO Web site, email, and blog
a. Leslie reported that the email address for the SGO group is currently inactive/disabled. She will follow up with student services.

b. Michael agreed to update the blog with 03/09/2010 minutes

3. Mid-Term Cookie Break
a. SGO members brainstormed about the cookie break for Saturday and Sunday students. Deb suggested that it would be difficult to coordinate breaks among weekend classes, given the advanced planning that would require.

b. It was suggested that instead of a cookie break, SGO could make cookie care packages to be distributed to the weekend students. This would allow for SGO to distribute cookies AND serve as an opportunity to include a note about movie night.
i. Heather will get quotes on treats from a local bakery.
ii. Michael will work on getting the enrollment numbers for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday classes this semester.
iii. We will aim to do this the week prior to Spring Break

4. Via email, Candice submitted an update to Leslie regarding the Movie Night. The best date for Movie Night, as decided by those in attendance, is April 10th. The movie will start at 5:30 to allow Saturday students to attend.

5. Fall Speaker Event
a. Friends of the Library issue: consensus on this issue was not reached. Leslie will follow up with an in-person meeting.

b. Brainstorming list of speakers (submitted by those present):
  • Walt Crawford; author, editor (maintains the website
  • David Rothman; "exploring medical librarianship and web geekery"
  • Chad and Laura; both professional from local special libraries...possibly worth considering for a Spring Event or Monday night instead
  • Paul LeClerc; outgoing director of New York Public Libraries
  • Marilyn Johnson; author (This Book is Overdue!)
  • Loriene Roy; past ALA president
  • Nancy Pearl; author, former director of the Washington Center for the Book
  • Will Weaver; Minnesota author
  • Louise Erdich; Minnesota author
  • Lawrence Lessig; legal scholar, author
  • Sarah Vowell; author
6. SGO Development fund
Reviewed the criteria for approval and came to a group consensus on two current requests

7. Other items
i. For next meeting, consider what could be done to promote a St. Kates student presence at national library conferences; keep SGO bulletin board up to date with conference information.

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