Thursday, February 21, 2008

Meeting with Tracie Hall, DU assistant dean

Acting as the SGO representative, I met with Tracie Hall on Monday, February 11. Some of the things we talked about:
  • DU will stop offering classes at St. Kate's in December 2008. However, they will offer courses in the Twin Cities area (possibly at locations in the St. Paul Public Library) in the Winter term of 2009 to help students finish the four required courses.
  • DU will try to improve communication with their students taking courses at St. Kates, possibly through increased e-mail correspondence.
  • Tracie encourages students to contact her with any suggestions for courses, improvements to the program, or problems which arise for them.
  • Deborah Mitts-Smith, a DU faculty member who lives in St. Paul, will serve as a liaison/advisor for St. Kate's students in the DU program. Students can also contact Deb with questions or concerns.
  • Tracie encouraged students to consider doing a practicum supervised by a DU faculty person. Lenora Berendt in the placement office at DU is the first contact for setting up a practicum.
Renee Dougherty

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